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I Hold That Face, And Adore It

It all started on 7th June of this year when Cargo Publishing tweeted about their book to commemorate the 1962 Writers’ Conference held in Edinburgh, Our 1962 Conference Book a preview! But we need your help. Anyone know who the … Continue reading

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Passages from India #6: Varanasi

Varanasi, to me, is a microcosm of India. All that is India is concentrated in one form or another into this melting pot of humanity which befuddles and bemuddles in its strive to find answers to the eternal questions, not … Continue reading

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Passages from India #5: Naming of Parts

Also along Radhanagar beach on Havelock, it looks like it’s been hailing sand. It’s the weirdest thing, millions of sand balls, uniformly of two sizes, covering the greater part of the upper beach.

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Passages from India #4: Beach Bummer

There is a two kilometre stretch of Vrindavan (heaven) on Earth in India. Radhanagar beach (a.k.a. No. 7) is a stunning piece of perfect coastline on Havelock, one of the 572 islands that make up the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago … Continue reading

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Passages from India #3: Gandhi’s India

Gandhi once claimed that the only way to really see India was by train. He was referring to the essence of India, the 70% of its people living in more than 550000 villages. This was before Partition and Independence in … Continue reading

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Passages from India #2: The Boy Who Would Be King

There is an Indian demigod living amongst mortals in Varanasi, at Janki Ghat, along the banks of the Ganges. He is 13 years old and his name is Rahul.

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Passages from India #1: Tiger Hunting

Seeing endangered species in their natural habitat is for me one of the the most thrilling experiences nature has to offer, because it’s so much a pleasure to see animals in the wild, but primarily because it is still possible … Continue reading

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