Word Up

I’ve been using Audioboo for some time now, to capture snippets of concerts, soundscapes at events and, with quite some trepidation, recordings of poetry recitations. Trepidation because it’s me, reading poetry that I have written, neither job I feel qualified to do adequately.
However, I have been having some fun with it, and after putting up the first couple of poem recordings, and forgetting about them for long enough without them attracting any attention, it seemed safe enough, or at least acceptably innocuous, to continue with some more.
Each recording has appeared on the pages of the poetry blog posts as an embedded audio button
that opens up when you click it, like so
Or, that is, so I thought. Until blog visitors started complaining, “What audio?”. Ah, okay, so there’s obviously a cross-platform browser compatibility issue. So, let’s hard-wire this sucker instead.
Now, the audio widgety thingummy on each page is still there, but it is accompanied by a bog-standard link as well
Listen on Audioboo
that will take you directly to the recording hosted on Audioboo.
I’m still filled with trepidation over this, but at least now, the words are indeed, as they say, up.

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Humanitarian Aid Disaster Relief Social Media / Hospitality Manager Conservation Scientist Modelling incl. epidemics Evolutionary Ecology Author+ @DISSENTOFMAN @DarwinMonkey
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