Visual Poetry #5: Repetition

I am so lucky to “know” some people. I say “know”, rather than know, because they are online friends (essentially via Twitter), and I have never had the pleasure of meeting them in person. However, their friendship has overwhelmed me at times, and this case is no different. Once again, the incumbent genius over at Kerosene101 has worked their magic once again on another of my poems. They previously metamorphosed The Music of the WordsDown, Follow / Your / Heart and Relief Work out of recognition. This time Repetition gets the treatment, and in the spirit of the piece, it gets it more than once! Once by Kerosene101, and once by the equally brilliant and lovely Chee Chee-A-Nam. I am indeed lucky, and truly humbled, and love both interpretations. Thank you x
One of my favourite literary devices is repetition.
Repetition gives a rhythm.
Repetition gives a pulse.
Repetition can appear at the beginning of a sentence, or repetition can appear near its middle.
The end of a sentence is also a good place to place repetition.
Repetition is one of my favourite literary devices.
One of my favourite literary devices is repetition.


© JFDerry / Kerosene101 2011
© JFDerry /Chee Chee-A-Nam 2013


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  1. hee! hee!
    never odd or even
    eeh! eeh!

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