Hi, just a very quick note to thank everyone for the amazing response to my previous post, Vulgar Latin. An astonishing 8,607 people have visited that page since publishing the poem and tweeting about it just over a week ago.
And, of course it was that tweet being picked up by @StephenFry that led to a poem being seen by such a large number of readers; put it this way, few poetry books sell over 1,000 copies.
I blogged about the first time the Fry Effect happened here in the post When Science and Lazy Journalism Collide. Well, it’s happened again, even more so: a whopping 10,198% increase in visitors, with 4,296 of you on a single day!
The satisfaction that a writer receives in the knowledge that their work is reaching a wide audience is vital, to me at least; it motivates the next piece of writing. But, this time, in addition to the usual trolls and nutters, I also received some incredibly humbling comments. Thank you if you did leave a comment, and please know that they are so very important, and often the only feedback received. My favourite was left by Kaitlyn Jenkins Kaitlyn Abbigail Lavander Jenkins Raynor (@Jenkins2Kaitlyn):
In school we had to find a poem we thought was moving, I showed my teacher and even though I couldn’t show it in class( because of words like ‘rape’ and ‘sex’) I still got best mark so thank you for that x

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3 Responses to Re-Fry’d

  1. Steve Hoppe says:

    Always interesting to see how a bit of endorsement can make such a difference, hopefully you will get return visits from a good number of the newcomers

  2. Kaitlyn says:

    Yaaay! My whole comment is up! =D its nice to know it was your faviort!(Sorry I’m not amazimg at spelling :c)

  3. Kaitlyn says:

    Also, how do you know that was my name? Its accurtly Kaitlyn Abbigail Lavander Jenkins Raynor =P lots of names =D

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