Visual Poetry #4: Relief Work

The incumbent genius over at Kerosene101 has worked their magic once again on another of my poems. They previously metamorphosed The Music of the WordsDown and Follow / Your / Heart out of recognition, from linear, 1-dimensional sketches, into magnificent (even though I say so myself) multidimensional visual re-imaginings. This time it’s the turn of Relief Work.
Relief Work

I. Etching

these words are older than runes
these words are not etched out of rock
these words are etched out of me
these new runes are neurones

II. Embossing

you put your words on paper

in the 1st dimension, they’re spoken in an instance
in the 2nd dimension, they’re printed, at best
in the 3rd dimension, they emboss your thoughts internally
in the 4th dimension, they etch your message eternally

for the benefit of the rest

Prize for the first person to tweet me with the (correct) Darwin connection.

© JFDerry-Kerosene101 2011

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Resource Modeller incl. epidemics. Evolutionary Biologist Author+ Edinburgh
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