Multiple (Choice) Orgasm

Uhuh u yuh u u u u u uh uh uhh uhhhh uhhhhuh…
Listen on Audioboo (whilst reading)
Uhuh u yuh u u u u u uh uh uhh uhhhh uhhhhuh uhhuhuhhhhhhhhhhhh gg
Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh … Ooo ooo ooo hhuh O yuh uh huh ha haa
… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Hmm yes hmm okay hmmm yes hmm there O there yes O yes O there O my O
my fucking God O O O yes yes my darling yes O yes I’m, I’m going to ah huhh
huh gnnnnnnnrrrrrrrrrr.
Answer:   ___

About jfderry

Resource Modeller incl. epidemics. Evolutionary Biologist Author+ Edinburgh
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4 Responses to Multiple (Choice) Orgasm

  1. Difficult, but I reckon II.
    Mind you, there are limits to how far even the written word – even with your hang loose poetic style – can conjure up the real thing. So I can’t be sure it’s not I.

  2. IV — All of the above.

  3. D says:

    Ummmmmm……….I don’t think I’m any of the above. Probably closest to II though.

  4. Depends on location and with whom!

    I shall listen to this later, though, as I don’t want my colleagues in this open plan office to get the wrong idea…. 😉

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