Wigtown Book Festival 2010

A quick note to say that I’ll be at, in and around the Wigtown Book Festival over this coming weekend (25/26th September), and maybe for a little while longer (i.e., Monday, or even Tuesday, too). I’ll be involved with the Inspirations series, perhaps the Book Doctoring, Wigtown Book Festival’s (Still) Got Talent and @SaraSheridan‘s blogging. Events I would like to get along to see include, Ian Rankin (@Beathhigh), Alasdair Gray, Andrew Greig, Alex Bellos and Sara Wheeler. But, very sadly, my schedule means I’ll be missing out on Henry Nicholls on Thursday. (Damn!). So, please come find me and say, “Hi!”, and, of course, there should be copies of Darwin in Scotland around to sign for you. See you there!

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Resource Modeller incl. epidemics. Evolutionary Biologist Author+ Edinburgh
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4 Responses to Wigtown Book Festival 2010

  1. Colin says:

    Any chance of a wee review of how you got on? 🙂

  2. JFDerry says:

    Well, it was a long way to travel. At one point I was readying myself for a 6 1/2 hour, 3-bus epic. Seems a crazy long time to travel ACROSS country, anywhere in the UK. I mean, you can fly to Dubai in about the same time 🙂 but rarely by bus.

    I eventually got lucky and persuaded Martyn Murray that he had to drive down, and that I may as well come along for the ride. So, the nightmare was magically transformed into a pleasant 3-hour, 1-car dream-drive.

    Arrived Saturday late afternoon. A quick “Hello”, “Here’s your rooms”, a cuppa with our lovely and generous hosts, and off to see @SaraSheridan speaking about Robert Fortune. The Wigtown’s (Still) Got Talent show ended the night in a swirl of freaks, bagpipes (piper had a “Pipe Wars” t-shirt on with the motif, “Attack of the Drones”) and whisky fumes.

    The next day was gastronomically joyful: strong coffee, muffins, a sumptuous seafood platter, herb salads, local cheeses, wine, … It was difficult to tear away from the hospitality room to go see some events, but glorious and sustaining they were too: Alasdair Gray, Andrew Greig and @AlexBellos.

    Martyn and I both did our separate talks which went very well and were well received, resulting in a few book sales at least, and then it was back for more hospitality. Some good chats with more wine, then across to the pub and good chats morphed to jolly havering.

    Returning back to the house for an early-ish night did not take into account the likelihood of our host sat up guarding the door with a bottle of Balvenie or two. 3 hours and too many whiskies later the night finally gave up on me.

    The next day was one of damage limitation. Fixing the doors was straight forward enough, and replacing the roof took some effort and the pet Jack Russell will never be quite the same, but we were finally bid “Farewell and Godspeed”, and got away by mid-morning.

  3. That old conspirator, Balvenie, eh? Happens to be my favourite golden tipple. Thanks for the write up, it was good to read more about Wigtown.

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