An Open Letter…

Attacked on way home on Tuesday night. Repeatedly hit around head. Unprovoked. Not a nice experience. Faith in humanity severely dented, again.
As seems to be the habit of late, here is an open letter …
To my attacker,
I apologised at the time for nearly bumping into you as I turned the corner. That’s what people do when their paths accidentally coincide, apologise. We didn’t collide, there was no reason for further issue. That should have been the end of it.
Instead, you thought an apology insufficient, pursuing me as I returned to my walk home. Did I affront your sense of propriety? Is that why you pushed me over from behind?
Getting up, I put my hand out to ward off further attack which you then took as a sign of aggression, inviting me to, “Come on then!” and pushing me further until you had me turned, enabling a punch* to my face.
Understandably, I fled.
As I ran, you pursued me further, and hit me on my body and to the back of my head, repeatedly.
I outran you, or perhaps you just got bored. I suspect the latter because, even though you acted like an adolescent, I would estimate you to be in your early- to mid-twenties. I am twice your age.
Despite your best efforts, I hope to disappoint you by reporting nothing broken, only a few grazes, and a slightly bruised pride. That, and a momentary doubt about human nature.
Undoubtedly, you could have broken my arm or caused some internal injury, but nothing would have hurt as much as the dint you might have caused in my trust of people. That would have been my main loss, in all of this: my humanity.
So, you know what attacker? I’m not going to let you win. I defy your brutish bullying. I pity your pathetic show of strength and your clear lack of respect for your fellow human. The majority of people are good and well meaning, content to live and let live. You are amongst an insignificant minority. You must inhabit a horrible, lonely place.
I will remain open minded, open eyed and open armed to the rest of humanity. I am not reduced as was your wish; I am invigorated by our encounter. Sod the bullies and haters and thugs. You’re going to have to do better than that, because the majority of people don’t abide by your rules. You lose.
Not Your Victim.
*I have since realised this was a headbutt.

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