Hello. Here is a rolling (i.e., will be updated) list of my publications, of both academic and popular writing. It’s mainly academic based at present as that is my background, but I hope you will witness a gradual move in to more popular realms as time goes on.
For the cynics, no, this is not an exercise in self-publicity; some people actually want to know that these things exist, and would welcome the opportunity to read them. Comments are invited, as always. Lastly, please let me know about broken links, and if anyone would like copies of any of the following publications, please do ask.

About jfderry

Humanitarian Aid Disaster Relief Social Media / Hospitality Manager Conservation Scientist Modelling incl. epidemics Evolutionary Ecology Author+ @DISSENTOFMAN @DarwinMonkey
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  3. JFDerry says:

    Reblogged this on OSQUALITUDE and commented:

    In case you were wondering what I’ve been busy doing, rather than blogging (sorry – will do better soon), here is an updated publications list.

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