Edinburgh’s Literary Blogosphere

Mike MacLeod over at @GdnEdinburgh has done something wonderful. He has compiled an ongoing list of Edinburgh’s literary blogosphere. It’s an an excellent resource, showing off some of the rich wealth of writing talent in and about our city including, I might add rather immodestly, yours truly,

It’s not clear how this feature on the Guardian website will develop as more blogs get added. By Mike’s own admission, the website formatting is limiting for anything more grand and dedicated at present, although let’s acknowledge his technical skills in programming and bringing it about in the first place.
It will be interesting to keep an eye on, but in the meanwhile,
the link to my profile is: JFDerry Blogger Profile
Mike’s launch overview is here: New Literary Edinburgh blogosphere launched
and, the link to the Edinburgh’s literary blogosphere page is: Edinburgh’s literary blogosphere
As I say, it’s an ongoing, “live” project, so if you’re a writer who’d like your blog to be included, or know of another’s that ought to appear, then head on over (as they say) and drop Mike a line (as they also say) using the contact provided (as they say, when they’re not saying the other things that they say they say).

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