Hidden Agendas

I have one more post to finish the series on reviews (thus far comrising “Insult to Human Intelligence” and “Reviewing the Situation”), but first, and as a responsible response to the permanent, ongoing content poll at the foot of the blog which invites you to vote on, “Which categories would you like to see most on this Blog?” (results at time of writing: Darwin/Darwinism 20%, Ecology/Science 40%, Poetry 0%, Short Stories 40%), here indeed is a short story.
The short story that I have chosen has had a staggering 1,188 reads (at time of writing) on Scribd, since I originally read it at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2009.
I feel this story is a good sketch of a bigger piece, but typically I have not had time to return to it. Perhaps you have an idea which direction I could take it. But, meanwhile, it remains in this short form.
So, now, here it is for you:
Hidden Agendas describes an aspect of a potential dystopian future of genetic engineering and designer babies, asking questions such as,
  • Will the benefits outweigh any negatives?
  • What will be our motivation;?
  • And, who and what will drive the industry?
I hope that you enjoy it, and comments welcome, as always.

About jfderry

Resource Modeller incl. epidemics. Evolutionary Biologist Author+ Edinburgh
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