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Writer. Darwin, science & more. 4 books: Piospheres, Darwin in Scotland, Serial Killers. Current project is THE DISSENT OF MAN. Born near London, raised near Primrose Hill and in Lincolnshire, and studied at the Universities of Bangor, York and Edinburgh for degrees in Biochemistry, Bioelectronics and Biological Computation, and a PhD in African Ecology. Mainly working in British and African universities, but also in Spain, Brussels, Mongolia and Australia, to date, publication history is mostly in academic journals, on aspects of computational biology, pastoralism and on Charles Darwin and evolution. However, also written for several national newspapers, various governments, several major record labels and independent book publishers. Fiction has appeared at the Edinburgh International Book Festival and poetry is at the Human Genre Project. Lives in Edinburgh, with partner and their two daughters.

Grease Monkey

I’ve been a bit of a virtual grease monkey recently, uploading some rather snazzy, new photographs of the Affe mit Schädel (Ape with Skull, aka Darwin Monkey) and tinkering with the website’s nuts and bolts. These statues are made by … Continue reading

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Ha muerto Paco de Lucía

Some days I find I’m too sad to even breath. Today is such a day. Paco de Lucia is dead and although in impossibly beautiful circumstance, playing with his grandchildren on a sun-kissed beach, this had to be too soon. Why … Continue reading

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Ghosts and Guardian Angels

I’ve just posted a new blog piece in my Unbound shed. To access it all you have to do is pledge on The Dissent of Man, which can be as little as £10, although the rewards for pledging more are … Continue reading

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When Morty met Vera

I’ve been researching and writing about American, avant-garde composer Morton Feldman for the last couple of years: this is an excerpt of a recent piece from December 2013. _______________ Morton “Morty” Feldman was born in New York on 12 January … Continue reading

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New Year 2014

A new year’s resolution of mine is to be more industrious on this blog. The lack of posts has been partly due to work commitments, illness, getting attacked (see previous post), and a general dearth of alternatively interesting subjects on … Continue reading

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An Open Letter…

Attacked on way home on Tuesday night. Repeatedly hit around head. Unprovoked. Not a nice experience. Faith in humanity severely dented, again. As seems to be the habit of late, here is an open letter … To my attacker, I … Continue reading

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Visual Poetry #5: Repetition

I am so lucky to “know” some people. I say “know”, rather than know, because they are online friends (essentially via Twitter), and I have never had the pleasure of meeting them in person. However, their friendship has overwhelmed me … Continue reading

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Dandy Lion

Everything was going too smoothly. The lions were tranquillised, and the radio collar was nearly on. Then, suddenly, it all went pear-shaped. “An angry lion will drop into a crouch, flatten its ears and give vent to grows and grunts, … Continue reading

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Rape Jokes Are Dangerous

*** Trigger warning for discussion of rape and rape jokes *** The previous article on Rape Jokes Are Not Funny presented evidence for the negative effects of rape in humour within the context of experiencing two comedy events in the … Continue reading

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Rape Jokes Are Not Funny

*** Trigger warning for discussion of rape and rape jokes *** I caused a bit of a twitterstorm this morning, moaning about misogyny and rape jokes during two Edinburgh Fringe Festival gigs we attended last night. This is now me, trying to … Continue reading

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