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Dear All,

to celebrate reaching £1m-worth of pledges, those lovely people at Unbound have thank you gifts for you. Pledge on my next book, THE DISSENT OF MAN and Unbound will add £10 to your total. For example, that’s a 1st edition hardback for only £10. I thought you might not want to miss out, so please, make your pledge now.

Also, if you have already pledged, thank you, I am most grateful, and you can now download e-book copies of any Unbound book already published. This is an amazingly generous gesture by Unbound. Just go here for the book links

Thank you once again for your help and support (and patience).

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Scotland The Brave

I am not Scottish, but live in Edinburgh, therefore the impending Independence Referendum looms large on my horizon as much as it does anyone else living within Scottish borders. Here is a series of posts relating to the issues, and incase it is not obvious from the outset, to be clear, and without a doubt, I will be voting…

Two recurring thoughts on #indyref:
1. the NO camp plead that Scotland stay to fight bad UK politics, but when did they earn that favour?
2. There doesn’t have to be shared nationality for people to share cause and support each other through bad times.

Seems announcement regarding new powers for Scotland is just a timetable for what has already been promised. Except of course, it’s not what people want, hence the YES vote.

The Morning After by Christine De Luca
Scotland, 19th September 2014
Let none wake despondent: one way
or another we have talked plainly,
tested ourselves, weighed up the sum
of our knowing, ta’en tent o scholars,
checked the balance sheet of risk and
fearlessness, of wisdom and of folly.
Was it about the powers we gain or how
we use them? We aim for more equality;
and for tomorrow to be more peaceful
than today; for fairness, opportunity,
the common weal; a hand stretched out
in ready hospitality.
It’s those unseen things that bind us,
not flag or battle-weary turf or tartan.
There are dragons to slay whatever happens:
poverty, false pride, snobbery, sectarian
schisms still hovering. But there’s
nothing broken that’s not repairable.
We’re a citizenry of bonnie fighters,
a gathered folk; a culture that imparts,
inspires, demands a rare devotion,
no back-tracking; that each should work
and play our several parts to bring about
the best in Scotland, an open heart.

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Ivory Zero Hour

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The F⃫i⃫s⃫h⃫e⃫r⃫ King

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Shrink Rap

I got no tears left, but here’s Robin Williams in conversation with Pamela Stephenson on Shrink Rap
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Depression And How To Survive It

In the light/shade/dark of Robin Williams’ suicide, where long-term depression has been identified as a likely major factor, this is IMHO still the best source for fellow sufferers and carers to best understand depression.

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Goodbye Vietnam

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Grease Monkey

I’ve been a bit of a virtual grease monkey recently, uploading some rather snazzy, new photographs of the Affe mit Schädel (Ape with Skull, aka Darwin Monkey) and tinkering with the website’s nuts and bolts. These statues are made by a world-renowned foundry in Edinburgh, and are of such high quality, I struggle to distinguish them from the original late-19th and early-20th century statues. More photos and other Darwin-related statues can be found at
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Ha muerto Paco de Lucía

6978820_origSome days I find I’m too sad to even breath. Today is such a day. Paco de Lucia is dead and although in impossibly beautiful circumstance, playing with his grandchildren on a sun-kissed beach, this had to be too soon. Why had his music touched me so deeply? Perhaps my own Spanish roots and a father called Paco, and my genuine love of Flamenco, perhaps his revolutionary approach to the music and my rebellious side. Perhaps the stories of his admirable, self-determined, daily practice in spite of the calls from his friends to come join the ball game. No doubt also his long-term association with another all-time favourite guitarist of mine, John McLaughlin. Their acoustic duos and trios were as fiery and electric as the hardest rock. “Passion, Grace, Fire”, indeed. I had envisioned future collaborations far into their dotage as well as solo albums drawing upon their decades of learning and experience. These guys seem superhuman once beyond the apparently, life-threatening, younger years in the music industry. We have been robbed this future, and our world is a less musical place for losing Paco.
A quien Dios ama, le llama.


Accompanying Camarón de la Isla

His collaborations with John McLaughlin

Continued touring

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Ghosts and Guardian Angels

I’ve just posted a new blog piece in my Unbound shed. To access it all you have to do is pledge on The Dissent of Man, which can be as little as £10, although the rewards for pledging more are worth checking out.
The shed post is here: Ghosts and Guardian Angels
The book home page is here: The Dissent of Man


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